Produced by A&H, SHS & SSEES students at University College London // May-June 2021

This virtual gallery showcases poems created by students as part of the ‘Poetry for Better Futures’ 3-day short course, offered by UCL as part of their ‘Back to the Future’ programme.

The gallery features poem objects, poetry written using collage methods and page poems, as well as video/performance pieces.

Content warning: Grenfell fire; difficult emotional subjects & states; swearing.

Poem Objects

Aleksander Jagielski – ‘Changeling/My Body Unravels’
(blister pack, paper, ink)
Shirui Chen – ‘THE CULT OF ///// NATURE’
(resin, paper, ink)

To see more images from this series head over to Shirui’s Instagram here:

Collage Poems

Maria D’Aniello – ‘Oblivion’
(paper, ink, thread, dried flowers, paint, text)
Adela Racikova – ‘Fragility’
(paper, ink, photographs, text)
Gabby Fadullon – ‘Ours is the Fruit’
(digital collage: please note the second poem is the final poem. The first poem is a draft produced
as part of the ‘thinking’ that contributed to the final poem )
Capri Huffman – ‘Untitled’
(digital collage)

Page Poems

To view the poems, please click the link below each poem.
To return to this gallery, hit the ‘back’ arrow on your internet browser.

Anna Nunan – ‘Documented’

Click here to read the poem

Deepali Foster ‘3 Poems’

Click here to read the poems

Reed Hudson – ‘The Bone Whistle’

Click here to read the poem

Anja Radonjic – ‘Transport’

Click here to read the poem

Aleksander Jagielski – ‘Changeling/My Body Unravels’

Click here to read the poem

Artem Anichkin – ‘White’

Click here to read the poem

Video/Performance Poems

Marie Ma – ‘Thinking Reeds’

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